How to prepare your relatives for an Evangelist coming?

Is it our Christian behaver always right? How to talk about God in the circle of your secular relatives? How to respond to their comments and concerns? 

You have to start from small. If you claim that you are a Christian, you just can't, say to your mother: "Mom, leave me alone, I'm tired." It is impossible. If you are a Christian, you patiently tell to your mom how was your day, who you talked to, what girl is interested in you... She's terribly interested in the lives of her son!

Your life, your relationships with family should be so change for the better to let your loved ones think and said: "Yes, indeed, for him Christianity is not just religious-philosophical doctrine, which he drove himself in the head. This is the essence and core of his life!"

Before an Evangelist comes knocking at the door of your family – you need to work hard on your relationship with your relatives.