About the project

Christian Internet resource missio.online was created on December 16, 2016

From the Latin missio - means missionary (sending order) is one of the activities of the Christian Church for conversion of the unbelievers or representatives of other religions.

This is an innovation in preaching the gospel, for tis time. The project aims to help Christians around the world to find missionaries and evangelists who are open to minister to their relatives in different cities, bringing them into the Church. Also, the project will help missionaries, evangelists and ordinary Christians to find in the city people that are willing to accept the Good News.

Project location: the Project is international. Every day countries and cities joining the project. At this stage, the project works in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, USA, Canada and Europe.

The project is available in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian. Further plans to connect the world's major languages: German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Arabic.

Register and evangelize literally to the ends of the earth!